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Research with Library Resources (English 1B Leonor)

How to find credible sources

What database should I use?

For this assignment, Opposing Viewpoints is a great resource for current articles and opinion pieces. This database has many different kinds of information that are helpful- news articles, videos, images, statistics, and viewpoints (opinion articles that take a stance).

For more help, watch this video on using Opposing Viewpoints.

Academic Search Complete is another great source for research and analysis, including scholarly articles.

How do I find credible sources on the internet?

There are many criteria you can use to evaluate websites, including the CAPOW method your professor has taught you. To get a quick sense of whether a site is credible or not, try to think about 3 main things:


Who wrote this article? What makes them qualified to write this article? Are they a professional journalist, or a researcher, or a specialist? Or just someone who wanted to write an article?


What website is this? Are they a well-known news outlet (New York Times, Washington Post, etc.)? Have you ever heard of them before? Who funds this website? What is the purpose of this site? Do they have a page about the website ("About Us" or "About" page)?


Does this page tell you where they got their information from? Do they provide citations to other sources? Do they provide links to the sites where they got their information?

Terezita's video on finding credible websites for this assignment

Want to learn more?

Want to learn more about all this? The library has interactive tutorials that are fun AND educational!


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