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Land and Territorial Acknowledgment: Guide

Land and Territorial Acknowledgement

Chaffey College Statement

We'd like to acknowledge that Chaffey College is on the ancestral lands of The Kizh and Tongva (Gabrieleño) who remain in the area today.

With respect and honor for the lands we gather on and the leaders before us, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge the Gabrieleño-Tongva (GABRIEL-EN-YO TONG–VAH) Peoples, the original stewards of these sacred and unceded homelands. The Tongva people’s history, language(s), cultural traditions, and legacy continue to shape this region and we recognize their continuing presence in their homelands.

In the spirit of truth and equity, Chaffey College commits to uplifting the voices of indigenous peoples, and building an inclusive and equitable educational environment, and decolonizing the institution. We also encourage members of the Chaffey College community to learn about the land they reside on and the original caretakers and advocate for culturally responsive action.

land acknowledgement map

Source: Map of territories of Original Peoples with county boundaries in Southern California, Los Angeles Almanac, 2019.
Information sources: Handbook of North American Indians, Vol. 8, California, William C. Sturtevant (Gen. Editor) & Robert F. Heizer (Vol. Editor), 1978, Smithsonian Institute,
and Dr. E. Gary Stickel, Ph.D. (UCLA), Tribal Archeologist, Kizh Nation / Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians.

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