Success Centers Location: CHMB 145┊Phone: 909.652.8150┊Fall/Spring Hours: M - Th 8am - 8pm, Fri 10am - 4pm, Sa - Su 10am-3pm

CSC Outcomes

1. As a result of Directed Learning Activities, study groups, tutoring and workshops, students will apply and demonstrate the subject specific area skills learned in each activity to their course assignments.

2. Students will have access to and be offered numerous and varied supplemental learning opportunities, including study groups and workshops, throughout the academic year.

3. By visiting the Chino Success Center, students will assess the connection between Success Center activities (Directed Learning Activities, study groups, tutoring and workshops) and success in their classes.

4. Students who access the Success Center will be satisfied with the facilities, services, and resources.

5. Students, faculty, and staff will be aware of Success Center activities, events, resources, and services.

6. Students will receive quality tutoring services from CRLA certified tutors.

7. By completing a Success Center orientation presentation, students will be able to identify available learning resources.

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