Success Centers Location: CHMB 145┊Phone: 909.652.8150┊Fall/Spring Hours: M - Th 8am - 8pm, Fri 10am - 4pm, Sa - Su 10am-3pm


  1. Students will understand the facets of learning and will activate this understanding to evaluate and create their own learning process.

  2. Students will become more literate in discipline-specific courses and general college work.

  3. Students will develop their positive learning identity.

  4. Students will notice others' ways of thinking and appropriate them into their own schema.


  1. The center's learning opportunities are equitable.

  2. Tutor training is dynamic, responsive, and pervasive.

  3. The center incorporates current applicable technological trajectories that inform learning and success.

  4. The center accommodates the appropriate needs of college faculty, staff, and administration.
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