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Per day, you may do one English group (workshop or learning group) and one Directed Learning Activity (DLA) review. In addition, you may do one essay tutoring session per subject.

The last day to attend an English group or review a completed DLA with a tutor is Friday, July 24, and the last day to meet with a tutor to discuss an essay is Friday, July 31


People icon.  What is a Workshop?

Workshops are 50- to 60-minute small group sessions that are taught by faculty tutors and cover a range of reading and writing topics from reading college textbooks to writing research papers. Workshops are limited to fourteen students.

Conversation icon.  What is a Learning Group?

Learning groups are 50- to 60-minute interactive small group sessions that focus on reading and writing concepts and are taught by tutors who have their bachelor's degrees. Learning groups are limited to ten students.

Piece of paper icon.  What is a DLA?

Directed Learning Activities (DLAs) are self-paced, instructor-designed activities that are available in the center. They take approximately 30-60 minutes to finish independently. After completing a DLA, you will meet with a tutor for a review session that lasts 15-30 minutes depending on the activity.


Writing pad picture.Our writing tutors can teach you strategies for each stage of the writing process from selecting a topic, generating ideas, and developing and revising working drafts to dealing with issues of style and improving proofreading and editing skills.

You don't need to have anything written to meet with a tutor. Feel free to chat about ideas or concerns.

How many times can I meet with a tutor on the same paper?

You may meet with a writing tutor as many times as you wish on the same paper although you are limited to one tutoring session per day.

Can I meet with the same tutor more than once?

Sure. If you really click with a particular tutor, feel free to select him or her when you make your appointments. Keep in mind, however, that meeting with different tutors may give you new insights.

Read more about what goes on in a tutoring session.


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