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High School Preparation Guide for Chaffey College: Success Tips

High School vs. College

There are differences between being a high school and a college student. Prepare yourself to be an effective college student by knowing what to expect.

High School


Teachers remind you of tests and assignments

You are given a syllabus at the beginning of the semester and  you must keep track of assignments

Bells tell you when to go to class

Your watch (or phone) tells you when to go to class

Teachers always take roll

Some professors take roll and some do not, but you are expected to attend class

You may be given textbooks

You must buy your own textbooks

You are assigned a Counselor

You are not assigned a particular Counselor

Your classes are assigned and you are automatically enrolled in courses

Each student is given a specific date to register and must enroll themselves in classes

You can search the Internet (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) for sources for your paper.

You must use scholarly, college-level resources, from the Library's website.

Part time student vs. Full time student

Choosing to be a full time or part time student involves proper time management. Below is some helpful information to understand unit load and what a unit represents.

Full Time Student - 12 units or more    

Part Time Student - Less than 12 units



Talk to a Counselor!

The Counseling staff will help you get off to the right start at Chaffey College. Through assessment, orientation, and counseling we will evaluate your skill level, introduce you to the programs and services we have to offer, and help you select appropriate courses according to your abilities and interests.

Visit a Success Center!

The Chaffey College Success Center network of services enhances the college learning experience through a variety of instructional practices with a demonstrated positive impact on student success.

Talk to a Librarian!

Librarians are here to help you succeed in your classes and research!  You can contact us:

Chaffey College • 5885 Haven Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91737 - 3002 • 909/652-6000
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