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General Biology



Lecture:  Obtain Textbook and Course supplies (scantrons, pencil, etc.)  

Lab:  READ SYLLABUS in its entirety and write down 3 cancer types for project.  Syllabus Quiz will be given in lab next week


Biol-1 Course Syllabus

Important Dates and Textbook Information


PLEASE READ YOUR SYLLABUS on Course Reserve and obtain your materials needed for the course:  Textbook, scantrons, folder, pencil, etc. 

8/20/19: Class material info:

Textbook: Simon, E., Reece, J. and Dickey, J. 2010. Campbell Essential Biology 4th edition. Pearson Benjamin Cummings.

ISBN  978-0-321-65289-8

                  You may use the 3rd, 5th or the current Editions, but it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to make sure the topics corresponds to the

                   topics listed on the syllabus for each chapter

Scantrons: 5 forms (882-E OR COMPATIBLE), one for each exam and 3 quizzess in lecture and 10-15 for lab quizzes. Don’t forget a #2 pencil & eraser

Access to a computer for assignments on Course Reserve


Projects:  Feb. 3 (Mon) - Article Critique Part 1 DUE at the BEGINNING of LECTURE

                Mar.  25 (Wed) - Article Critique Part 2 DUE at the BEGINNING of Lecture

                May 13 (Wed) - Cancer Project DUE (color hardcopy & usb electronic drive/CD) &

                May 18 (MONDAY OF FINAL'S WEEK) -   BONUS ASSIGNMENTS at 9AM!!!

Tentative Exams:   Feb. 12 (Wed) -Exam 1:  Chapters 1-5  Homework Assignment #1 DUE and any bonus summaries/outlines

                                 Mar.  11 (Wed) - Exam 2:  Chapters 6-10 Homework Assignment #2 (3 worksheets) DUE and any bonus summaries/outlines

                                 Apr.  20 (Mon) - Exam 3:  Chapters 13-17  Homework Assignment #3 DUE and any bonus summaries/outlines




Bonus Assignments

You may choose to do 1,2 or  3 assignments, each worth 10 points each.  


  The EXCR assignments are graded based on your creativity and quality and effort of your work.  Make sure that your header is on all your assignments (EXCEPT THE BALLOON) to ensure you get credit.

·        Bonus EXCR Assignments are

·        1.) Blood Donation (deferral notice okay), $10 Monetary/Goods Donation to a Charity of your choice (Goodwill or Salvation Army is fine too) or 2-hr volunteer time to a cause of your choice.  (You can PICK ONLY ONE from this category)

o   Verifiable Documentation MUST be TURNED IN VIA HARDCOPY to receive the points for the EXCR Bonus Assignments…NO EXCEPTIONS, so emailing it to me will NOT do (I have WAY TOO MANY STUDENTS and offer this opportunity to ALL MY STUDENTS as a way of giving back.   


  •      2.) Unusual Organism (Guidelines are on Course Reserve under Handouts)
  •      3.) Cancer Project



Last Week of Semester Agenda:

Final Exam


Final Exam MONDAY May 18th  2020 @ 9AM-11:15 AM on Chapters 18, 19 and 20 plus 1/3 cumulative.  Study Guide is on Course Reserve: 


BRING a SCANTRON E-882 to LECTURE for Final Exam and a PENCIL and all your COMPLETED Bonus Summaries and EXCR Assignments.


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