History of the Success Centers at Chaffey College

Basic Skills Transformation History: A Vision Realized

In 1999, Chaffey College embarked on a major initiative called the "Basic Skills Transformation." Funded by Partnership for Excellence and motivated by an educational moral imperative to ensure that students move successfully through their course work, the Basics Skills Transformation incorporated a number of wide-ranging, integrated, and structural changes to revolutionize the educational delivery system of the college. Although still an ongoing effort, the effort has affected budget, facilities, and organizational structures as well as assessment/placement, curriculum, instruction, academic support services, and staff development.

In particular, the transformation of personal interdepartmental partnerships has had the greatest impact. The Transformation Project, in general, and the establishment of the College Success Centers, in particular, has been some of the successful enterprises in the College's long history.

Success Centers Philosophy

The College Success Centers embody the essential character of the Transformation. That spirit acknowledges that students at any level and in any discipline should have the opportunity to acquire learning tools that they need to succeed in any learning situation; to achieve a measure of confidence in their learning ability; to have material presented in their own learning styles; and to develop the skills to become life-long learners. All of the programming and activity in the Center is faculty-driven and led. Each site is supported by a full-time instructional specialist devoted to the specific issues of that location, and the program is coordinated by a full-time faculty member.

Each Center operates on two underlying principles that govern its diverse activities: an unfailing respect for each student and a pledge to offer the best service available to help each student grow. In concert with the faculty, the Centers are the primary resources for academic support at Chaffey College. In fact, each Center is led by an instructional specialist who oversees daily learning activities.

Awards and Recognitions

Research Reports

Success Center results are supported by a long research history. Success Center Research indicates that first-time students benefit most significantly from center services, though all students have access to this essential assistance.

Student Learning Outcomes

Most recently, the Centers have developed student learning outcomes as part of the WASC/ACCJC updated accreditation standards. As part of the Center's dedication to excellence, the learning outcomes process has been initiated and continues to be refined. With the research results, faculty and staff can further develop program improvement in order to serve Chaffey's students more effectively.

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