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accreditationChaffey College Committees
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Contact (Tri Chairs)

David Karp (Faculty)
Laura Hope (Management)
Theresa Rees (Classified)

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List of Chaffey College Committees

The committee process is essential to the effective day-to-day operations of Chaffey College. Click here or on the title above to see a list of all Chaffey College committees. Click on a committee name for information on the purpose of the committee, the committee members, meeting days and times, and other pertinent information.


Accreditation Oversight Committee

Accreditation concerns should be institutionalized into ongoing processes to ensure that goal setting, student learning, dialogue, and validation occur on an annual basis. The Accreditation Oversight Committee (AOC) will ensure that all College activities are mapped to the accreditation standards and that evidence is collected through ongoing activities rather than just prior to the end of an accreditation cycle. Click here or on the title above for a list of AOC members, agendas, minutes, and notes.


Committee Notes & Documents

Click here or on the title above to access meeting notes and documents for a number of Chaffey College Committees.