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Guided Pathways Overview

All employees at Chaffey College have a role in Guided Pathways! Instructional and non-instructional employees and their daily efforts impact the student experience, whether interacting closely with students on a daily basis, creating a welcoming campus environment, or making decisions about “behind the scenes” operations of the college.


The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office provides the following summary: “The Guided Pathways framework creates a highly structured approach to student success that provides all students with a set of clear course-taking patterns that promotes better enrollment decisions and prepares students for future success. The Guided Pathways framework also integrates support services in ways that make it easier for students to get the help they need during every step of their community college experience.Source:


The Guided Pathways model involves four pillars, or areas of engagement:

  • Clarify the Path

  • Choose and Enter the Path

  • Stay on the Path

  • Ensure Learning

EQUITY is the driving principle for these efforts.




The 2017-18 Chaffey Faculty Inquiry Team (FIT) explored the student experience at Chaffey College (including literature research and review, focus groups, and surveys) and concluded that effective practices in the areas of engagement are interdependent upon three elements of institutional effectiveness:

  1. INNOVATION:  Essential conditions, adequately resourced and mobilized, to support large-scale transformational change;
  2. OWNERSHIP:  Awareness of individuals’ and the institution’s fiduciary responsibility, impacts of current college systems and practices on the student experience, and identifying areas for improvement; and
  3. COMMITMENT:  Sustainable design and implementation of student-centered college programs and services.


Guided Pathways is about aligning and integrating college processes, student services, and resources to effectively promote equity and student success; this includes underlying operations of the college, from Purchasing and Human Resources to ITS and Leadership. Guided Pathways is thus successful when all college personnel engage and collaborate. For each individual employee and department, the goal is to understand how your daily roles and responsibilities impact the student experience at Chaffey College, and to explore how decisions are made and how business is conducted through the lens of equity. Consider the following questions: How does what I/we do each day ultimately impact our students? What can I/we do differently, to promote equity and student success?

2019 Guided Pathways Modified Program and Services Review

Resource Requests Templates

Note: Similar to Annual Updates, all resource requests made through the 2019 Guided Pathways Modified PSR are one-year requests and should reflect needs for next year only.  The regular PSR cycle will resume in 2020 and long-range/planning requests can be made through that process.  Please refer to the forms for the criteria/rationale needed to justify your one-year requests.