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World Religions & Observances

Search Terms to Assist Research on this Topic

Sample keywords to consider for topic:

  • Daoist Canon
  • Taoism    
  • Daoist philosophy
  • Daoism    
  • Taoist texts    
  • Three Caverns or Sandong
  • Classical Daoism    
  • Daoist canon or Daozang    
  • Daoist practices
  • Daoist beliefs
  • Daoist texts (like the Dao De Jing)
  • Yin and Yang in Daoism
  • Daoist meditation
  • Daoist rituals
  • Daoist worldview
  • Daoist masters or sages (e.g., Laozi, Zhuangzi)
  • Daoist cosmology
  • Daoism and nature
  • Daoist ethics
  • Daoist art and symbolism
  • Daoism in modern times



  • All Souls Festival
  • Laba Festival
  • Chinese New Year
  • Lantern Festival
  • Double Ninth Day
  • Qingming Festival or Ching Ming Festival or Tomb Sweeping Day

Source: Diversity Resources

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