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Searching Library Databases

NAICS and SIC Codes

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 
Standard Industrial Classification (SIC)

  • Number-based classification systems used for analyzing, collecting and publishing data on companies in the United States
  • NAICS system replaced SIC in 1997 but SIC is still used by some businesses, publishers and databases
  • Many government-based resources and many of our databases tag industries and companies by NAICS code or descriptor

Recommended Databases

What is the Difference Between Scholarly & Popular Articles?

Scholarly vs. Popular Articles

  Scholarly Articles Popular Articles
Examples Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Nursing Ethics, Engineering Studies Time, Newsweek, Vanity Fair
Purpose In-depth and subject specific, often contains original research Provide general information for the public
Author Scholar or subject specialist, provides credentials Journalist, non-subject specialist paid for content
Audience Scholars, researchers and students General public
Language Specialized terminology General vocabulary
Images Few photos & ads More photos & ads
Accountability Peer-reviewed and fact checked by experts in the field Reviewed by editorial staff (not subject specialists)
References Required Generally not listed

Database Search Tips

Use Keywords when searching the databases. Getting too many results?

  • Make sure your topic isn't too broad, such as "Health"
  • Try narrowing your topic by:
    • Including a group or population, such as "Children" (A topic on "Health" could become "Childhood Obesity")
    • Including a location, such as California
    • Limit the date range to the last 5 or 10 years to get up-to-date information

Find all the articles

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