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Food Deserts: Find Articles

Quick tips!

  • Use quotation marks to group phrases = "gold rush"
  • The most common wildcard/truncation symbols are * and ? = wom*n will find woman, women, and womyn
  • Most databases use AND as a default connector (Boolean) between your keywords ="binge drinking" college will look for both keywords 
  • Capitalize Boolean terms = peanut butter AND honey
  • Use parentheses to group complicated search requests = "peanut butter" AND (jelly OR honey)

What is the Difference Between Scholarly & Popular Articles?

Scholarly vs. Popular Articles

  Scholarly Articles Popular Articles
Examples Journal of Abnormal Psychology, Nursing Ethics, Engineering Studies Time, Newsweek, Vanity Fair
Purpose In-depth and subject specific, often contains original research Provide general information for the public
Author Scholar or subject specialist, provides credentials Journalist, non-subject specialist paid for content
Audience Scholars, researchers and students General public
Language Specialized terminology General vocabulary
Images Few photos & ads More photos & ads
Accountability Peer-reviewed and fact checked by experts in the field Reviewed by editorial staff (not subject specialists)
References Required Generally not listed

Recommended Databases

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