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Searching Databases at Chaffey College: Opposing Viewpoints

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Opposing Viewpoints Homepage

On the homepage, you will find the following options for beginning your research:   * Spotlighted Topics   * Browse  Categories & Topics    * Featured Video & News    * Basic Search    *  Advanced Search

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Browsing Topics

The categories and topics featured in Opposing Viewpoints In Context are arranged into eight (8) categories (topics may appear in more than one category). Select View All next to the category to display an alphabetical list of all topics within that category. From there you can click on a specific topic.

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Basic Search

Basic Search offers a straightforward way to search featuring a single search box. This search is ideal when keywords and phrases are too specific to be found in the Browse Categories and Topics.
To search for a Topic Page:   the system will look for a Topic page that matches your search criteria – topics will be in a Bold Italicized print.

results page screenshot

Topic Page

Based on available content, topic pages may include:

  • Overview: Essay providing an intellectual framework for understanding the topic: why it’s important, controversies surrounding it; what should be focused on while conducting research.
  • Viewpoints: Opinion based articles framing issues from different perspectives
  • Reference:   encyclopedia and reference articles
  • Primary Sources: interviews, legislative acts, resolutions, speeches, testimonials, treaties and more
  • Statistics: Interactive and static graphs, tables, and charts
  • Images, Audio, and Video: Streamed video content, nearly 70,000 images, and audio files
  • News, Magazines, and Academic Journals: Articles from over 450 full-text English-language international sources
  • Websites: Overviews and links

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