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Museum Artwork Assignment-MING, ARTH: Original Context

Museum-Specific Links

Selected Resources

Find Print Books, Chaffey Library

Need more information about an artist, period, culture or country, medium or art movement? Try our local Chaffey Library collection of print books as we have an excellent collection of art history titles! Remember to check that status of the book is available and make a note of the call number, the book's "address" on our shelves. Can't find a given book? Contact us or come see us at one of our service desk and we'll be happy to help.

Original Context-Chaffey Library Resources

Google Books Search

Google Book Search

Strategies for Finding Relevant Resources

Having trouble finding resources on your chosen artwork or artist? Try the following:

  • Search for other works done by the artist. 
  • Search for similar works and artists from the same period and region.
  • Look for information on the original site and location of the work (like a church or city).
  • Search for information on the original patrons and audiences for the work.
  • Search for background on the region where the artwork created such as beliefs, ways of life or customs, other social/political characteristics.

Still struggling to locate relevant resources? Contact a librarian and we'll be happy to help!

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