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LibChat User Guide: Signing in to LibChat

LibChat login link

Make sure your LibApp account has been set up. You should have received an email from LibApps confirming your account and asking you to change your password. If you did not receive this message, check your Spam folder. If you still did not receive a message, contact your supervisor.

Signing into LibChat & Dashboard Settings

Signing into LibChat

At the top of the LibAnswers dashboard, you'll see two areas that indicate LibChat's status.

LibChat status buttons on the LibAnswers dashboard

  1. The first status area will indicate whether or not any operator has signed in and is monitoring chat.
    •  LibChat is Offline: This status will display if no operators are currently signed into LibChat.
    •  LibChat is Online: This status will display if you or any other operator is currently signed into LibChat.
  2. The second status area will indicate whether or not you personally are signed in.
    • Example of the offline indicatorLibChat: You are offline: Sign In
      • This status will display if you are not currently signed into LibChat. The status dot above your profile image will also be red to also indicate you are offline. 
      • To sign into LibChat: click the Sign In link.
    • Example of the online indicatorLibChat: You are online: Go Chat
      • This status will display if you are signed into LibChat. The status dot above your profile will also be in green to indicate you are online.
      • This can be a helpful reminder in case you've minimized the LibChat dashboard, or its gotten buried in a pile of browser tabs. :)
      • Clicking the Go Chat link will take you back to the LibChat dashboard. If you are currently signed in at a another location, you'll be given the option to end that session and start a new one.
  3. You can also sign into LibChat from the command bar by going to LibChat > Connect.

LibChat connect from the command bar

 Help! I'm signed into LibChat, but the widget still appears offline!

Here are a few things to check:

  • A widget's online/offline status is cached for 1 minute. If you just signed in and nobody else was already monitoring the department or fallback option, wait a minute or two and refresh the page with your widget. The status should then update.
  • Is your status set to Online? Is your LibChat status is set to Online? If you are currently set to Offline or Internal status, and nobody else in the department or fallback option is also monitoring chat, then the widget will appear offline.
  • Are you monitoring the widget or other fallback option for that widget? For example, if the widget is set to be monitored by the Reference chat department, but you either do not belong to that department or have turned off monitoring it, the widget will show as offline (unless someone else from the department or fallback option is monitoring it).
  • Is the widget properly configured to be monitored by you? Edit your chat widget and check the "Who monitors the widget" setting. Make sure it's configured to be monitored by the intended department, operator, co-op, and/or other fallback options.
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